The Christian Counselling Centre, Vellore is a pioneering institute in the field of human relations, psychological counselling and psychotherapy.  Started in 1970 as a non-profit ecumenical educational institution, its mission is development of human resources.  CCC is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The Centre caters to the needs of people of all social and religious backgrounds in three ways - training, counselling services and research  throughout the year.  The Centre is a beehive of activity with a variety of residential courses lasting four weeks, eight weeks and 12 months.   The Centre also runs a non-residential out-patient clinic for  Counselling Services.

A unique aspect of CCC is its focus on society.  Counselling is seen as a tool with great potential for social change.  As a consequence, the Centre has worked closely with the Central, State Governments and the Church.  Various government departments, including those of Social Welfare and Social Defence, and church related bodies have used the Centre extensively as a resource for the training of personnel.   So have various other organisations, corporate bodies, NGOs and educational institutions.  Over the last forty four years, the Centre has attracted over 40,000 trainees in all, spanning 26 nations of the world and 28 States of India. (Click here for more details)

Growth at the Centre, has been rapid and steady.  Its achievements include conducting of the first-ever International Conference on "Counselling for  Social  Change", the founding of the academic journal,  "Indian Journal of Psychological Counselling", and establishing a professional body for counsellors to gather under one roof called "The Association for Psychological Counselling.   “Leading employers in India value the Christian Counselling Centre's Certificate/Diploma as an additional, desirable qualification for job appointments as counsellors and trainers. 





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